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Positioned to Dominate!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Let My People Go That They May Worship Me Freely!

This year is a year like none other. We have encounter a 400 year marker in this country as is other countries who encountered the slave trade. This is the 400th climatic year where God is declaring once more, "Let My People Go That They May Worship Me Freely!" It is also a time where we will come out of our places of obscurity with the spoils!

Though enslaved for 430 years, the children of Israel really did dominate Egypt. Without them, Egypt would not have been as prosperous as they were. To prove it, God told his people to 'borrow from the Egyptians and not a few'. Once they left Egypt, God further ensured that His people would reap the fruit of their labor by drowning Pharaoh's army in the sea. There was no creditor left to repay. Numerically, the Hebrews dominated, agriculturally, they dominated, industry wise they dominated, but there was one sphere left to dominate; territorially. Pharaoh was assigned to dominate Egypt but the Israelites were to dominate the land that flowed with milk and honey. God had to position His people geographically in order for them to fully take over and cause the climate of the earth to conform to the climate of the kingdom. They took the wealth they earned into the wealthy land that they had inherited. Don't be afraid to take this journey. God is positioning you dominate!

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